Quick Action Box

Available from version 10.00 in Standard, Premium, Professional, Ultimate editions

Enhance your modeling efficiency with the Quick Action Box - a dynamic tool designed to accelerate your workflow. This feature offers a convenient search bar with autocomplete capabilities, allowing you to quickly find and execute actions, locate elements, and navigate through your project seamlessly. It's an invaluable tool for users who value speed and efficiency in their diagramming process.

The Quick Action Box, strategically positioned in the top-right corner of the Software Ideas Modeler window, is an innovative feature designed to significantly boost your productivity. This versatile text box can be swiftly accessed using the shortcut CTRL + Q, providing a seamless and streamlined user experience.

Ctrl + Q

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Project Managers in need of rapid navigation
  • Designers seeking quick access to tools
  • Developers looking for efficiency in model creation

Quick Action Box Capabilities

  • Execute Any Action by Name: Simply start typing the name of the action you wish to execute. The Quick Action Box intuitively displays matching options in a dropdown menu, allowing you to run any software action with just a few keystrokes.
  • Element Search and Navigation: Easily find and locate any element within your project. As you type, the Quick Action Box suggests relevant elements, enabling you to jump directly to the desired part of your model.
  • Diagram Access: Quickly find and open any diagram in your project. This feature is particularly useful in large projects with numerous diagrams, allowing for immediate access to the needed visual representation.
  • Project Folder Navigation: Instantly find and open your project folder. This capability streamlines file management, saving you time when navigating through your system's directories.
  • Macro Execution: Start any macro immediately. If you have set up macros to automate repetitive tasks, the Quick Action Box lets you initiate them with ease.
  • Recent Project Access: Open a recently used project without navigating through menus. This feature is a time-saver for those who frequently switch between different projects.
  • Access Projects from MyDocuments: Swiftly open projects stored in the MyDocuments folder. This provides quick access to your commonly used storage location for project files.
  • Task Management: Add new tasks by simply typing, for example, "todo: Review Design". This innovative feature integrates task management directly into your workflow, helping you keep track of important tasks without leaving the modeling environment.

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