Roadmap Diagram

Available from version 10.30 in Premium, Professional, Ultimate editions

Chart the course of your projects with precision using our roadmap diagrams. This tool is invaluable for project managers, strategists, and planners looking to visually communicate the stages and milestones of a project or product development. With elements like roadmap, partition, label, and milestone, you can create detailed roadmaps that can be configured to actual date spans or numbered stages, allowing for flexibility and clarity in planning and presentation.

Whether you are outlining the phases of a project, setting key milestones, or planning long-term strategies, the Roadmap Diagram feature provides a clear and engaging way to represent your project timeline, goals, and critical points.

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Project Managers planning and tracking project progress
  • Business Strategists laying out long-term goals and plans
  • Product Managers detailing product development stages
  • Teams and Leaders needing to visualize project timelines


Ready to Visualize Your Project's Future?

Explore the capabilities of the Roadmap Diagram feature for effective project planning and communication.