Open API Generator

Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler offers a specialized UML diagram type for Open API definition. The Open API Diagram allows you to create the service definition visually. Then you can generate the JSON definition of the service for the diagrams using our Open API generator.

How to Generate Open API Definition

Firstly, you should create a diagram (or multiple diagrams) that describes your service. Choose the Open API Diagram type from the UML-Derived group. Then use the provided diagram tools to build up the service definition - insert the elements for paths, requests, responses, schemas, etc. When the diagram is complete, you can proceed to the source code generation. You can access it from the ribbon - Process tab / Generation group / Source Code button. The Source Code Generation dialog will show where you should choose JSON as language and Open API as a template. The project tree in the left part of the dialog allows you to check the diagrams you want to turn into the textual Open API specification.