Open API to Diagram

Open API specification (OAS) is a standard for RESTful web service definition. Software Ideas Modeler provides a reverse engineering tool that allows you to import the Open API specification and generate UML diagrams.

The Open API specification (formerly known as the Swagger Specification) allows you to describe your RESTful web services. Software Ideas Modeler supports Open API specification import in JSON and YAML format. The specification is imported into the project, and the corresponding diagram is generated.

The tool is available in:

  • ribbon: Process tab / Reverse Engineering group / Open API button
  • menu: Tools / Reverse Engineering / Open API
Open API specification import
Open API specification import

The reverse engineering starts from the Open API Import dialog. The dialog contains a tab control with two tabs. In the General tab, you can choose the files and folders with JSON and YAML files using the buttons Add Files and Add Directory. The dialog also offers the Settings tab that allows you to adjust the import results. You can set whether you want to generate a diagram (check the Add new elements to diagram checkbox) or only the model (the elements will be added to the project, and you can later add them to diagrams at your discretion). The Model group box allows you to choose the parent repository (diagram, folder) within the current project, where you want to import the elements from the Open API Specification files.

After clicking the OK button, the model elements according to the specification will be imported into the chosen project repository and the UML Open API Diagram will be generated (if the Add new elements to diagram option is checked).

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