Model Versioning

Software Ideas Modeler supports creating multiple versions of the model. This way you can design the model changes for various project stages.

Model Version Manager

Model Version Manager is accessible from:

  • Ribbon / Review (tab) / Versioning (group) / Model Version Manager
  • Menu / Tools / Versioning / Model Version Manager

The manager window shows the list of all defined versions in the current project. Each model version has its name, revision number, status, and description.

A model version can have one of these statuses:

  • Draft - the model version is in the prototyping stage.
  • Approved - the model version was approved for further analysis and should lead to completion.
  • Completed - the model version was finished, and the model should not be changed anymore.
  • Cancelled - the model version was discontinued, and any further changes should not be incorporated.
Model Version Manager window
Model Version Manager window

The Model Version Manager also offers these actions:

  • Add Version - creates a new model version and add it to the project.
  • Edit Version - opens the Model Version editor for version properties editing. You can edit the name, description, status, and revision number of the version selected in the versions list this way.
  • Delete Version - deletes the selected model version
  • Show Elements - shows all the model elements of the selected version in the Element Browser window.
  • Export - exports the list of model versions to CSV file.
  • Print - print the table of model versions.
Model Version Editor
Model Version Editor

Software Ideas Modeler allows you to navigate to another version of the selected element. There are two ways how to open a diagram with another version:

  • right-click on the desired element, open submenu Versions in the context menu and click on the menu item with the chosen version - you will be navigated to the desired diagram and element.
  • Ribbon / Review (tab) / Versioning (group) / Element Versions
Navigate to a diagram with another model version
Navigate to a diagram with another model version

Change Diagram Version

You can change the diagram version using:

  • Ribbon / Review (tab) / Versioning (group) / Change Diagram Version
  • Menu / Tools / Versioning / Change Diagram Version

It opens a dialog with a model version picker. You can choose from the list of existing versions or create a new model version using the New Version button in the top toolbar.

Model version choice
Model version choice

Create New Diagram Version

You can create a new version of a chosen diagram using:

  • Ribbon / Review (tab) / Versioning (group) / Create New Diagram Version
  • Menu / Tools / Versioning / Create New Diagram Version

After using this action, Choose Version dialog will show where you can choose the desired model version or create a new one. Clicking the OK button confirms the action, and a new duplicate diagram (which will be an exact copy of the current diagram) will be created. The diagram elements will be linked to the original diagram elements - however, the changes made in the original or new diagram will not be propagated in any direction.

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