Requirements List

The Requirements List feature in Software Ideas Modeler offers an overview of all SysML requirement elements in a project. It provides a grid that lists all the requirements and allows you to edit columns such as Name, ID, and Text. This feature is designed to help you keep track of all your requirements in one place and make it easier to manage them.

The Requirements List in Software Ideas Modeler provides a comprehensive overview of all SysML Requirements elements within a project. It includes a grid that displays all requirements and allows users to edit the Name, ID, and Text columns. The rows with the requirements that are not present on any diagram have a light red background.

You can show the requirements list from:

  • ribbon: View tab / Lists group / SysML Requirements
  • menu: View / Lists / SysML Requirements
SysML Requirements List
SysML Requirements List


The following toolbar buttons are available for managing Requirements elements:

  • Add Requirement - adds a new requirement element to the project and opens the Properties dialog that allows you to define the details of the requirement.
  • Refresh - refreshes the list of requirements in the requirement grid below.
  • Export - exports the list of requirements to a CSV file. After clicking the button the Save File dialog will open and allows you to choose the file name and path for the exported file.
  • Print - prints the list of requirements.
  • Search Box - allows you to search for a specific requirement by entering keywords or phrases into the box. The term will be searched in the id, name, and also text.

Context Menu

In the requirements grid, you can interact with the requirements through the context menu. It appears when you right-click a requirement in the grid. The context menu offers the following three options:

  • Properties - this option opens the Properties dialog, which allows you to view and edit the details of the selected requirement, such as its name, text, documentation, tagged values, etc.
  • Insert to Diagram - inserts the selected requirement into a diagram, allowing you to visually represent the requirement and its relationships with other elements in the project.
  • Delete - deletes the selected requirement from the project.

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