Resource Hog (#136)

As mentioned over in the Support Forum, labelled "PDF Export Resource Hog?", SIM used approximately 1.508 GB of RAM to export a Class Diagram of 97 Classes to PDF.

Likely related, the program exported all 97 Classes to a single PDF page and I had to zoom in to 1200% before I could read the PDF.

I can forward both the PDF and SIM file to you if required.

1 January 2013 16:59:40
5 April 2013 0:36:20
Requested by
Tyler Beckett
Windows XP Pro & Windows 7 Ultimate
Solved in

Tyler 1 January 2013 17:20:34

Files mentioned above can be downloaded at

Dusan Rodina - 2 January 2013 8:16:13

Thank you for the example.

This problem is a design flaw. I have to change some things - e.g. page breaking. Currently a diagram can be rendered only on a single page. So it is very similar to export to image formats now.

I will need a little more time for this fix.

Tyler 3 January 2013 22:26:12

Awesome, not time sensitive. Glad to hear you figured it out. Looking forward to your updates.

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