Generate SQL code (#1509)

I developed a small database using the Modellers ERD. Beneath problems with the general handling, I have the problem that always all elements are written to the sql file, even if they are deselected into the export configuration and even if they belong to another diagram and only referenced to the current one.

2 August 2017 11:49:39
8 August 2017 21:46:12
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Stefan Menten
Windows 10
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Dusan Rodina - 2 August 2017 12:38:52

We will analyze also this problem. Thank you for your notice.

Dusan Rodina - 2 August 2017 18:40:37

Currently, we cannot reproduce this problem.

(If you did not tried already) Please try deselect everything with the button None under the project tree in the Source Code Generation dialog and then select the elements you want to export. When the dialog is open, all open diagrams and their elements are checked (and exported to source code) by default. Using the button None you can ensure that nothing will be selected in the project tree.

If it does not work for you this way, please let me know.

Stefan Menten 8 August 2017 15:55:46

Just checked with version 11.10. It seems to be working now.


Stefan Menten

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