Rectangular connection between linked elements sometimes gets straight after closing the project (#1511)

Hi. After closing a project, the rectangular lines between linked elements get straight. It looks like the following image after opening the project.


5 August 2017 12:23:08
30 August 2017 21:57:16
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André Barthel
11.00.6401.1625 64 bit portable
Windows 10 Pro N (64 bit)
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André Barthel 5 August 2017 12:24:48

Sorry, wrong link. This is the right link.

Dusan Rodina - 6 August 2017 22:06:32


Unfortunately, we was not yet able to reproduce this issue. Did the line change from rectangular to straight only for a single relationship or for several? If you change the line style back to rectangular, save and close the project, is the line straight again after reopening the project?

xSmorpheusSx 24 August 2017 18:20:30

Sorry for my late answer. The line changes every time i close the project. If the line is of type oblique, and contains some points for a rectangular line, it gets straight after closing the project. Only the line gets straight, not its type. The following project has this problem. Diagram is "UseCaseChatPlugin". Element ELEM088 is one of the items that has this error is .

Link to project:

Dusan Rodina - 25 August 2017 17:24:10

Thank you for the additional explanation and the file. It helped to identify this problem.

It will be fixed very soon. You can expect a new version within few days.

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