Path&filename in windows title (#1533)

Is ist possible to display the full filename with path inside the windows title like MS Office (but with full path) ?

I am using a protocol software ( "Visual TimeAnalyzer " )for counting the time each program I am using. This program can identify the text at the windows title ( the file name) and add the working time to a project.

23 November 2017 11:47:46
24 November 2017 7:50:26
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behr GmbH
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Dusan Rodina - 23 November 2017 18:16:47

Thank you for this suggestion. The option will be added soon.

behr GmbH 25 November 2017 9:11:23

I installed V11.41 but I cant see any path&filename :(

Checkbox in "Tools/Options/General" is "ON"

Do I something wrong ?


behr GmbH 25 November 2017 11:15:02

Oh, wait...

That's interesting....

"Visual TimeAnalyzer" recognizes the path (in the title bar?) and assigns the working time to the correct project.

That's enough for me :)

Dusan Rodina - 25 November 2017 13:51:10

The path should be there. Maybe there could be some problem with visual style, so it is not visible for human (something like white text on white background). Would you please send me a screenshot of Software Ideas Modeler's title bar on your computer? (Or could you describe how the title looks like) What operating system do you use?

However I am glad that it work for your use case :)

behr GmbH 25 November 2017 19:20:24

My title bar is white, but I don't know why.

I never(not sure) found a way to change the visual style of the program.

System is Win10-64pro

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