64-11-45 does not run (#1544)

out of nowhere 64-11-45 stopped running. it would open the initial stick figure and then poof - disappear. unfortunately 64-10-68 can't open project file.

environment: mac os high sierra 10.13.3, running parallels 13.2.0, running windows 10 64 bit home edition

tried all the usual stuff: reinstalling, running portable version, running 32 bit version

12 February 2018 20:03:13
22 December 2019 18:52:34
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Leon Carson
Cannot Reproduce
windows 10 under parallels 13
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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 14 February 2018 15:38:01

I am sorry for this inconvenience. The problem will be thoroughly examined. If there is problem also with 32-bit portable version, it is very strange behavior...

Did you install some system or driver updates before the program stopped working?

When you experienced this crash was there any error message box?

Leon Carson 17 April 2018 2:19:59

no. error message.

the only thing that is happening is windows 10 auto-update.

got it to work for awhile by reinstalling in a new virtual machine. last time i used it was March 26. then today - back to its disappearing tricks. should i try installing portable version?

Leon Carson 17 April 2018 3:03:03

and sure enough, installing on a new virtual machine works like a champ. really strange.

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 17 April 2018 19:50:35

This is really very strange behavior. The program should show some error message box - at least the system one. If installing the portable version does not help, it may be some system problem - e.g. with .NET Framework. Or some antivirus systems may cause similar behavior when start an application in sandbox, but after analysis they should start the application properly.

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