Cannot move or delete diagrams in the hierarchy (#1597)

Diagrams and elements cannot be moved or deleted in the hierarchy view.

16 April 2019 15:28:07
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Dusan Rodina - 17 April 2019 8:48:26


I cannot reproduce the problem with deletion. Could you please provide more details? According what we tested, the delete command works in the project tree sidebar in all views (Hierarchical, Hierarchical Model, Versioned Hierarchical Model, Element List, Diagram Types).

If you tried to delete using DEL key, please check whether the selection is active (it should be blue not gray).

The moving works only in Hierarchical View, it does not work for other views (e.g. Hierarchical Model View - the support for moving in this view will be added in one of next versions)

Ali Ghorashi 22 April 2019 16:45:13

Hi Dusan,

I cannot reliably reproduce the deletion problem either. I got it this morning using the delete key but could not get it to do it again.

Regarding moving elements in the hierarchy: See the following link.

Dusan Rodina - 23 April 2019 12:17:11

Hi Ali,

I understand the problem regarding moving now. Some specific combinations are not yet supported - e.g. nested diagram moving, element nesting. They will be added in one of next versions. Thank you for your feedback.

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