Use Case text disappears (#1605)

When renaming a use case the text within the Use Case tab of the element properties is sometimes removed. This is not consistently reproduce able but has occurred on multiple occasions and we lose critical information as a result.

30 May 2019 9:05:17
29 January 2020 21:56:02
Requested by
Stef Patten
Win 10 64 bit
Solved in

Dusan Rodina - 31 May 2019 12:58:33

We are very sorry that you experienced such an unpleasant issue. It's very strange because renaming shouldn't do anything with other properties of use case. Unfortunately, we could not reproduce the described problem so far. We tried various scenarios - renaming from diagram/project tree/properties dialog/use case list/fast editor. The test was realized with use cases in different states and with different placements in the object hierarchy. The tests were repeated after several saves/loads of the project.

We will analyze the problem further. Any additional information is appreciated.

Are you able to reproduce the problem in a new project or does this happen only with some specific projects?

Are you able to reproduce the problem also with Portable edition of Software Ideas Modeler (with the default settings)?

Is it not possible that properties were erased after another action than renaming?

Is it not possible that the project was open and saved with an older version of Software Ideas Modeler?

Thank you for your cooperation.

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