Multiple suggestions (#1608)

Element Browser

View > Element Browser : The element browser doesn't update new elements created without being closed and reloaded

Drawing elements can't be copied and pasted as new instances, would like to use a text object that updates in all diagrams when changed


GroupsWould like to group layers into one group and then hide the layers in the group to only show as one line

Style sets

Realtime updatingOn creating or changing a style for it to update in the diagrams without having to exit the style sets form

Non focused formTo create and update styles, while being able to edit diagrams without exiting the style set form

Grouped elements

Items in group do not updateWhen updating an element within a group, for example text, it doesn't change without ungrouping first

Style problemWhen elements are grouped, the style of individual items get set to one style

Option to hide element references iconSome times the blue dot with white cross gets in the way of viewing other elements on the form

2 July 2019 6:37:07
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Dusan Rodina - 2 July 2019 22:51:13

Thank you very much for these interesting ideas. They will be implemented in upcoming versions.

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