SIM closed on start (#1630)

I want to use the software on my second PC

but it closes on its own after launch

I uninstall / reinstall it but it doesn't work

how do i do now?

3 April 2020 12:31:31
7 April 2020 22:01:47
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win 10 x64
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Dusan Rodina - 3 April 2020 13:16:09


It should work, it is definitely not a standard situation.

Please try this portable version, whether it works (so that we can rule out any other issues):

I would check whether it may not be the work of a very active antivirus system. Sometimes, antivirus systems handle the new files as a threat and just kill the process without any warning.

You may also try to start (Windows) Event Viewer, navigate to Windows Logs/Applications and check whether there are any errors according to the Software Ideas Modeler or .NET Framework. If so, please let me know.

Sometimes, restarting the system may help.

fr016 5 April 2020 1:49:40

portable version x86 12.47 works

fr016 7 April 2020 16:47:20

but not the setup version

Dusan Rodina - 7 April 2020 17:19:00

Is there a problem with both Setup version 32-bit and 64-bit?

If you have tried 64-bit version before, please try 32-bit version instead.

Please, try to delete these folders too:

  • C:\Users\{YourWindowsUserName}\AppData\Roaming\DusanRodina
  • C:\Users\{YourWindowsUserName}\AppData\Local\DusanRodina

(You may also backup this folder before deleting, if you have any custom settings, templates, type sets etc. for Software Ideas Modeler)

fr016 7 April 2020 20:42:58

i've deleted:



its workds now


Dusan Rodina - 7 April 2020 22:01:36

Great! You are welcome. I am glad I was able to help.

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