Standardize label line break (#1639)

Dear Dusan,

something I struggle often: Manual line breaks within element labels.

When editing an diagram specific element (e. g. actor), I have to type [Ctrl] + [Enter] to get a new line.

When editing the generic text / formatted text elements, I have to type [Shift] + [Enter] to get a new line.

I have no Idea how to improve that without breaking anything - it's just a personal observation.

I'm sorry for keeping you busy and I appreciate your support. Great job :tumbs up:


4 May 2020 8:35:07
5 May 2020 8:32:48
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Dusan Rodina - 4 May 2020 8:44:33

Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for your feedback once again.

A setting for this may be added in the next version.

Currently, there are two behaviors for new lines inserting:

Ctrl + Enter - for defaulty one-line label elements (most elements)

Enter - for multiline text elements as general text, formatted texts, comments, etc.

Sebastian 4 May 2020 9:22:40

Thank you for the clarification. Now this makes sense.

A simple but great improvement to me would be to allow the Ctrl+Enter line break also for multiline elements.

Dusan Rodina - 5 May 2020 8:49:45

From the version 12.60, the setting is available in Options form - Diagram Editor tab/Renaming group/Action on Enter press - Always confirmation.

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