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Hi, I'd like to adapt the code creation template for c#. When I go to the menu "Process - Templates" I get no list of possible templates, only a tiny empty list with two very thin lines.

Btw.: Macro, Design Patterns and Diagram Templates have the same behaviour in the 'Process' menu.

What should I do to access to the template editor?

Thanks in advance.

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19 June 2020 13:49:30
23 June 2020 14:48:19
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12.70 - Professional
Windows 10
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Dusan Rodina - 19 June 2020 15:00:53


some features are available only from certain editions.

Templates, macros, design patterns, and diagram templates are available only in the Ultimate edition.

The full comparison of the features is available here:

Pierre-Alain Etique 29 June 2020 18:57:56

OK. I got it. Thank you for your answer.

Is there an upgrade path for the license or am I supposed to purchase an other ultimate edition license?

Dusan Rodina - 29 June 2020 22:47:07

You are welcome.

Yes, it is possible to upgrade from any lower edition to the Ultimate edition. Currently, it is possible only via email request. We also plan to add the upgrade option directly to the online account in the upcoming months.

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