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Over time, my model has grown but it contains a lot of elements that were deleted and are not referenced in any diagram any more. Yes I know, one should have deleted them from the project…

I am now trying to clean up. The Element Browser and the Field Browser have the cool capability to show in red the elements that I would like to remove. At least I suppose that the match is correct (I have so much red elements, that I did not check every one) However…

• I di not find a definition of the semantics of the red and yellow colors.

• In the Element Browser, if I choose “Delete All Unreferenced Elements”, it also deletes the yellow ones, which appear to be all my fields…

• The fields do not seem to reference correctly to their classes and the corresponding diagrams (see the yellow problem above).

• I have no way (at least I didn’t find one) in the Element Browser to sort according to the colors. That would make it possible to delete all the red ones in one shot.

• In the Field Browser I cannot shift click in order to select more than one element.

It would be cool if there would be a way to clean up automatically (my first expectation was that “Delete All Unreferenced Elements” would do it).

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2 July 2020 11:10:51
6 July 2020 7:59:20
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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 2 July 2020 13:02:09


Thank you for your detailed feedback. All proposed improvements will be implemented soon.

Delete All Unreferenced Elements should work as you expected, the feature will be checked and fixed.

The color meaning is as follows:

  • Yellow color is for elements that are not used on any diagram as a separate element.
  • Red color is for elements that are not used on any diagram and do not have any references by other elements.

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