GIT integration (#1677)

Implement GIT integration to generate UML for a repository, with the ability to choose branch/commit. Another great feature would be to choose two commits and get an UML that visualises the delta between those, as to see what has changed between commits (like during a sprint) - or the current difference between main and dev branch.

NOTE: Am interested in voucher, and in strenghening the integration possibilities to make things easier for me and my co-workers :-)

12 June 2021 18:57:22
Not Closed
Requested by
Carsten Feltman
Windows 10
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Dusan Rodina - 14 June 2021 8:55:49


Thank you for your suggestion. The basic GIT integration is already implemented - it is available via the GIT sidebar. You can show it using the ribbon - View / Window / Sidebars / Git.

The visualization of delta changes is not yet available. It will be implemented in one of the next versions.

Carsten Feltman 13 October 2021 16:35:54

That is just awesome. Am still impressed by the scope of functionality in the application - looking forward to the delta function, suspect it will be very useful when you have a tendency to refactor a lot during your work - as I do - and want to go thorugh what you have actually done :-)

Dusan Rodina - 14 October 2021 8:07:27

Thank you!

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