context help while editing diagram (#1685)

Hello. I would suggest to create a new floating window where context help would be shown.

I am relatively new to development. I understand basics of UML modeling, but often I have to look on internet what an object I can add to the diagram means and is for.

Therefore I suggest after clicking on the object to show short description in a new floeating doc window. It could behave like this:

- when no object is chosen, describe purpose of the diagram type.

- when component is chosen, discribe what type of component it is, when it is used, what is relationship with other components and if applicable small example.

- when relationship object is chosen, describe what the relationship is, between which types of objects, and give an example.

The floating window attachable to the side would be great way to show this information.

For me as a beginer it would be a great time saving feature.

Have a nice day.


P.S. In the case you consider this suggestion helpfull, I would be honored to receive Discount for New Feature - 30 % as you states on your web page.

10 October 2021 15:32:31
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Vladimir Sekerka
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