Infinite trial version on same computer, without re-installing program, with same e-mail (#1708)

Abusing trial version infinite times:

without using virtual machines,

without re-installing the software,

and with using same e-mail (no need in using temp e-mail services, 'cause you can use same e-mail a lot of times) for getting new trial keys each time on same e-mail.

Steps to reproduce bug (windows):

1)Remove all folders which you will find by that path:


%username% is windows environment variable, so possible just copy and paste it.

First step makes the software forget that you were using trial version already and if u will re-open the program it will offer you to get trial version

2)Open program again and with user-friendly interface do all steps to get trial key, but remember one thing! If you will put dots between letters in same e-mail (tried for gmail). Program will think it is unique e-mail. For example I got few trial keys for next e-mail:

(difference only in single dots between letters), so you don't need to make new gmail account, you can just use single dots between letters to get new trial key every time when previous ends. The method works on previous versions of software ideas modeler too.

PS: I wrote you letter, but didn't receive response, that's why I decided to repeat writting about it here.

PSS: Free trial keys were used for educational purposes.

PSS: I think the bug is very serious 'cause u don't need to re-instal program, using virtual machines or temp e-mail services.

You just remove folders in one path (possible to make even .bat file)

and then using your real e-mail a lot of times with using dots in unique places between letters every time, each time when previous trial key period ends.

17 July 2022 14:28:29
23 December 2022 0:25:15
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13.45 and earlier
Windows 10
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