Activity Diagram SwimLane D&D (#1725)

After entering an action into the swimlane I am unable to move the swimlane by dragging and dropping. If I move the action out of the swimlane I can D&D and move the action back into the swimlane but that becomes a bit tedious with more than one action involved.

10 May 2023 16:51:42
10 May 2023 17:17:27
Requested by
Roger Smith
13.99.8507.39098 64 bit
windows 11
Solved in

Dusan Rodina - 10 May 2023 17:17:04

The swimlane can be moved even then using the Move grip near the left top corner of the swimlane. You can move the swimlane also by its name area. This behavior is applied to allow easier selection of multiple actions within the swimlane (or other container-type elements).

If you don't like this behavior, you can suppress it when you turn off the setting "Prefer selection over move inside containers" - available in the File/Options/Diagram Editor/General.

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