Default Project Style incorrectly loaded for new Project. (#182)

Tools->Options->General set "Default project style set" to "Simple with Shadow".

Open new Project and new Class Diagram.

Project->Style Set menu has Default ticked, but not Simple with Shadow. (Don't know if that is correct but it seems a bit odd).

Add a couple of elements to the diagram. They do have the Simple with Shadow style.

Change the background and shadowing of one of the elements.

In the Styles tab the Default style is not displayed as Simple with Shadow, but Colorful. If you select the Default style and click the Edit button you can see that it has the values for the Colorful style, i.e. Vertical Gradient, Gloss Effect and Smooth Shadow. But if you select the element whose background and shadow you just edited, then double click the Default style it does not apply the Colorful style but the Simple with Shadow style instead. (BUG).

The display of style Colorful in the Styles tabs also shows it with normal text, although its values indicate that it should have Bold text (and if you apply the style to an element you can see that it does indeed have Bold text).

What I believe should happen is that if you selected "Default project style set" "Simple with Shadow", then for a new Project the Default style should be the Simple with Shadow style.

11 March 2013 4:22:28
13 March 2013 16:21:24
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