Problems with copying elements in a diagram (#186)

I have designed a project with several diagrams (package diagrams and state diagrams). Yesterday I have correctly configured all the diagrams, but today when I've opened the project again, the diagrams have been changed. Now I have most of the nodes changed in a diagram (nodes I have copied from others, but not linked, first option in copying)all these nodes have the same title and appear as if they have been linked (with the simbol of linked on each of them). Now I have to change again all the diagrams, but the problem is that if I close the program, when I open it I have the diagrams modified again, I don't know what happen with this version.


12 March 2013 1:55:12
13 March 2013 16:22:56
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5.83 (Non commercial purpose)
Windows 7 ( x64)
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Dusan Rodina - 12 March 2013 2:28:39

You can check whether the elements don't share the model - if you have checked the option Show Multiple Usage of Element in View menu, you will see a small blue icon near the top left corner of each element with shared model. If so, their content will be alway same on all diagrams.

Raquel 12 March 2013 2:42:17

Yes, They have the blue icon in each element, but I have not selected to share any model I have only copy one element and paste it to create a new one.

Raquel 12 March 2013 2:53:07

What is really strange is thay yesterday I have the project perfecttly designed without any linked elements and today when I have opened it again all the diagrams have been modified and all the elements appear linked, so I have to redo all again

Dusan Rodina - 12 March 2013 3:00:26

It's really strange, I cannot reproduce this problem (when I choose the first option from Paste dialog). Similar case has not been reported till now and I personally have not yet noticed anything like this.

Would you please provide more details about steps you made to achieve this state, what kind of elements was copied? I will of course try to find the reason of the problem also myself, but if you have something, which could help me (example file, more details about your steps), it would be perfect.

Raquel 12 March 2013 4:58:41

I think I have found the pattern of the wrong behaviour. I try to explain the steps:

- 1. I have created a new project

- 2. I have created a package diagram with 2 different elements (package1 and package2), the second was copied from the firs (not linked). I save the project, close the program.

- 3. I open de project again and all is right.

- 4. I create a new element (package3) that is a copy from the package2 (second option, linked copy, new instance), both are now linked and I can see the blue icon on both elements.

- 5. I delete the package3 I've just created as linked copy, and the blue icons disappear (I suppose now nothing is linek anymore)

- 6. I create again a new package3 but this time as a simple copy of package2 (no blue icon appear this time).

- 7. I save the project and close the program

- 8. I open again the project and now all the elements of the diagram appear as linked (all with the blue icon).

I hope it can help you to solve this problem


Dusan Rodina - 12 March 2013 7:44:28

Thank you very much for your detailed description of steps, now I identified the problem. It will be fixed very soon.

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