Documentation box for methods and attributes (#191)

Mr. DuĊĦan,

All my apologize if this topic is already addressed as i am not very familiar with all the possibilities of your tool.

It could be interesting to have a specific documentation box for each methods and attributes of a class. This could be more formalised during the design and automatically generated in the documentation right after.

13 March 2013 8:24:12
1 September 2013 22:29:06
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Dusan Rodina - 13 March 2013 16:35:40

Mr. Oliver,

No apologies needed. Each attribute and operation can have its own documentation - it can be edited using Properties dialog - right click on class, choose Properties, click on Class tab, click on Add or Edit button (for operation or attribute) and in displayed dialog there is Documentation tab, where documentation can be edited.

These documentations for attributes and operations are used by generation of Interactive Documentation (Tools/Generate Interactive Documentation). Standard documentation (Tools/Generate Documentation) does not support it yet, but I will adjust templates and add it soon.

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