Can't Draw Structure Charts (#195)

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Structure Chart Symbols :

1) Can't add a "Data Couple" - Item which has an arrow head on top and BLANK circle on bottom

2) Can't add a "Control Couple" - Item which has an arrow head on top and FILLED circle on bottom

3) Can't add a "Data Store" - Not like DFD data store this data store have a rectangle with round corners and in middle have line connected to TOP with a circle. The circle contains data store number (eg : 1,2,3..)

4) "Module" - Just a rectangle, but the difference if we want can add a line from middle to facing DOWN having a circle at the end. The circle contains data store number, which refers to above data store i mentioned (eg : 1,2,3..)

5) Can't add a "Repetition" - curved arrow to show its a loop

6) "Selection" - Just a decision box on DFD's

More information:

16 March 2013 23:56:15
10 November 2015 10:23:10
Requested by
Dark Lord
Solved in

Dusan Rodina - 18 March 2013 14:25:32

Thank you for your suggestion. I will certainly add this kind of diagram in one of next version.

Dark Lord 9 July 2015 9:45:29

Any update for this suggestion ?

Now 2 years gone haven't included Structure Charts yet.

Dusan Rodina - 9 July 2015 11:17:55

Yes, you are right. Unfortunately, this feature was not yet implemented. Maybe, it could come in the next major version 9.

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