Application main menu has numerous empty separators. (#219)

In the application's main menu, categories of related menuitems are separated by a horizontal separator line. Currently the menus contain multiple additional separators where they are not appropriate, e.g. adjacent separators with nothing between them, or one or more separators at the beginning or end of a menu.

On opening SIM the following superfluous separators are present:

File menu.

2 separators between Save As and Send Email

Tools menu.

Empty separator at start of menu.

2 separators between Helpers and Options

After opening a Project the following superfluous separators are present:

Project menu

2 separators at end of menu.

Diagram menu

Empty separator at end of menu.

If these additional separators are present due to the removal of menuitems for commands which are not available in the application's current state, then there are two appropriate courses of action.

1) When menuitems are removed also remove superfluous separators.

2) Do not remove menuitems, just disable them. This is generally good UI practice anyway because menuitems that disappear when that command is not available is confusing to Users. They think they remember where a command was, but then can't find it again, whereas a disabled menuitem makes it clear that the command is not available in the application's current state.

3 May 2013 14:54:24
13 May 2013 22:10:28
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Skin27 3 May 2013 16:47:26

This has to due with the version you are using. For example between Save As and Send Email are entries for working with SVN in the ultimate version.

So in the freeware/professional there should be one separator (I think it's better to remove (entry and separator) them in this case (instead of disabling the entry) as the differences between versions can be find on the website.

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