Concurrency diagrams (#24)

"ARTiSAN's concurrency diagram is an extension to UML that assists in dealing with the multi-tasking design for a real-time system."


We are advised to use ARTiSAN Studio for diagramming Realtime Systems at my university.

But Software Ideas is a much better tool.

So I hope I can use Software Ideas to make concurrency diagrams sometime.

9 March 2012 15:02:47
23 November 2012 14:07:37
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Dusan Rodina - 18 March 2012 18:33:52

I will try to bring this feature in one of next major versions.

DTelgen 14 November 2012 10:11:08

Dear Dusan,

As a senior lecturer at the HU University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands we are considering the use of Software Ideas. In March a student us requested the use of concurrency diagrams. Could you tell us if these diagrams have been added to Software Ideas? If so we will likely use your tool more frequently for our education programs/ Which will likely boost the use of software ideas modeler in the future!

With the best regards,

Daniƫl Telgen

Dusan Rodina - 15 November 2012 9:08:20


I will introduce this feature soon - I suppose it can be within one or two weeks.

Daniel Telgen 15 November 2012 10:44:02

Thanks, that is great news!

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