Activity Diagram, loop (#241)

I have a loop in a activity diagram, and for some reason SIM thinks that some of the activities that I added are in the 'while' subsection instead of the 'do' subsection.

Moving the loop moves not al the items...

(to complicate the matter: I added this loop in a activity within a swimlane, but I don't think that this is related to the problem).

where can I edit this? How do I get SIM to move the activities to the right subsection.

I have similar problems with parameters for activities (within swimlanes). some of them move with the activities, some of the combinations don't move together.

I don't know if I should list this as a bug or something that just requires some instruction.

6 June 2013 18:11:13
21 July 2013 21:23:26
Requested by
Otto Christiaanse
Win XP
Solved in

Dusan Rodina - 6 June 2013 23:28:50

Thank you for your notice. The behavior of activities within within loop could be classified as bug or at least as strange, I will fix/improve in the next release.

The attaching of parameters to activities should be OK. However, the parameter will be attached to activity only if you drag it over activity - mouse cursor has to be within activity bounds.

After reading your message I realized that there are some scenarios, when the behavior is not enough user friendly, so I will certainly improve also attaching of parameters to activities soon.

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