how to edit names (#244)

If I want to edit elements in a diagram I have sometimes to use F2 and sometimes double click.

At a double click sometimes the properties window is opened, sometimes I can edit the text right into the textbox.

Its a littlebit confusing that F2 doesn't always work (for instance in a 'loop node' for the 'for, while and do' sections).


Every text that is shown in a diagram should be editable in the diagram itself, without a popup, by doubleclick and F2.

7 June 2013 10:41:53
19 August 2021 13:14:08
Requested by
Otto Christiaanse
Win XP
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Dusan Rodina - 7 June 2013 12:04:22

F2 and double click on name are interchangeable. If you click outside the name box, Properties dialog will show. However, there could be some elements which don't have any editable regions. It could be only the case of elements which have displayed other texts/attributes than name. The name should be editable for all elements.

I agree with you that all texts should be editable from diagram. I will work on it.

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