rectangular line behavior (#259)

Unfortunately it still dosen work right.

SIM should allow me to do this. i am actually very tired to work with line.

STOP do new things, not fixing old completely.

27 June 2013 17:40:08
11 January 2015 23:47:53
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SplinterX 27 June 2013 17:47:09

you really think that this possible to use in someways? absolutley every time when i move class i must move the line. it have no any sence. why such thing like behavior even exists if it dosent work almost at all.

SplinterX 28 July 2013 14:29:11

Nothing still changed

Dusan Rodina - 29 July 2013 22:27:06

The default behavior is to preserve the path of relationship, therefore also loops can appear on path (as shows your screenshot) . Only the ends are adjusted to be connected with bounds of an element (class, entity).

If I correctly understand you require from program to route the paths automatically. It is possible from version 6.30 (right click on line and then choose from context menu Line Style/Auto Path). I don't mark this request as solved, because I want to implement some other improvements which are related to it: Semi locks and Setting of default line style for diagram.

If you don't want to use auto paths (which can slow down application for very complex diagrams), but only sometimes automatically adjust the path of relationship, you can use Arrange/Route Relation (Alt+R).

Or if you want to define a custom path without deleting the relation, you can use Freehand Path tool (Toolbox/Common group) - move mouse cursor to the start element, press and hold the left mouse button, draw path of new path, which will end over the end element and release the button.

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