Editing attributes and operations (#263)

When editing an existing attribute or operation I don't see any way to complete the edit using the keyboard. If I press Enter instead of exiting edit mode it instead adds a new attribute/operation, if I press Tab it adds a tab into the text, and if I press Escape it undoes the edits.

Is there another key I should press instead?

4 July 2013 10:39:03
21 July 2013 21:24:28
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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 4 July 2013 23:21:48

You can use key combination SHIFT + ENTER.

Neutrino 5 July 2013 10:43:11

Thanks. I think it would be better though if Enter just completed the edit, and Shift+Enter added a new line. That way it is more in keeping with the philosophy of making the common tasks simple, and the less common tasks possible.

The User wouldn't normally expect to have to hunt around to try and work out which key completes an edit.

Also if the User is adding a new entry then there are perhaps grounds to presume that they then want to immediately add another entry afterwards (although personally I think even this is a stretch). But if the User is editing an _existing_ entry, then there is no reason whatsoever to presume that they will then want to add another entry after that.

Neutrino 5 July 2013 10:45:45

Also the current keyboard schema seems a bit inconsistent to me. If there is an entry below the one you are currently editing then Enter puts that entry into edit mode, if there is not then it adds a new entry with a default name.

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 5 July 2013 10:54:08

I agree with you. I will change it.

Neutrino 8 July 2013 10:41:56

Thanks Dusan.

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