Lines and object z-order. (#266)

Where you have a class diagram with a load of classes connected by straight lines sometimes it is easier just to leave the lines straight rather than route them around the classes.

In this case it would look much better though if the connecting lines defaulted to display _behind_ the classes. Currently some of the lines appear behind the classes while others display over the top, which looks messy.

5 July 2013 10:51:34
19 August 2021 12:33:40
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Dusan Rodina - 24 July 2013 14:54:57

In the current version, there is an option Display relations always on top (Tools/Options/Diagram Editor), which enforce displaying of relations on the top layer. If you turn off this options, you can adjust the z-order using menu Arrange/Order.

In one of next versions, I can add a new option, which will enforce rendering of relations behind other objects.

Neutrino 26 July 2013 10:55:29

I just realized that you could change the z-order of the relations really easily, so I was just about to leave a quick note here saying I'd worked it out and not to bother with this suggestion.

But if you want to add a config option to enabled relations to be in the background by default that would be grand too :)

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