canceling adding object (#303)


I tried to add comment in a Diagram description and forgot to double click. Result was that all my keyboard actions triggered an add object (activity, etc).

I pressed ESC (the suggested positions for the new object on the canvas disappeared), but I couldn't use my mouse to resize the Diagram description object.

I had to use the mouse in an open space on the canvas to create an object (on the canvas: click, hold and drag), that was triggered by my last keyboard action. I deleted this item ofcourse.

After that I could use the mouse to resize the Diagram description.

Is there a way to prevent this (another key than ESC)? Is this a bug?

23 August 2013 10:19:47
1 September 2013 22:25:29
Requested by
Otto Christiaanse
Win XP
Solved in

Dusan Rodina - 26 August 2013 0:41:53

Currently ESC cancels only suggested positions and does not switch the active tool to Selection. However, you can press F3 to activate Selection tool.

I can adjust the behavior of ESC this way in the next release: first press - cancels suggested positions, second press - switches to selection tool.

Otto Christiaanse 26 August 2013 8:27:19

Sounds good.

You'll clear the selected (highlighted) item from the selection tool?

Dusan Rodina - 28 August 2013 0:13:23

Yes, I will.

I will release a new version with mentioned adjustments very soon.

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