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Hi. it's been a long time since i wrote first suggestion. And SIM still have almost the same problem. Like a developer i even can't use SIM in elementary needs, just because it dosen't support them. It don't let me do diagrams, not depending on notation. For example i just want to use two rectangles with text inside and connect them by the line. What can be more elementary? I obviously can draw 2 rectangular and line from one to another, but they wont be work like objects. If i move rectangle line stands on it's place.

I can't make class or entity look like rectangle with a text in the middle. I can' make simple semantic network like this

or this

Almost all the features already exist in SIM, but its not possible to use them like user want it to. After many hours of searching i naively thought that use case diagram lets me just connect some words together. But it's possible only for ellipses of use case. Not rectangle. not just words alone.


Such problem particularly could be solved by drawings tool, but nothing in it cant be used like an object. it's completely not possible to connect line with text or rectangle or something else. On other hand objects of some diagram types have needed behavior, but their look is not possible to change.


Autopath still can be stupid and do such picture

without autopath i can do even this

it's needed something in between them. some elegance of authopath and flexibility of "without autopath"


I need some type of diagram that allow "arbitrary" (didn find better word) using some elementary objects and connections and relation between them (like in others type but drawing type), not depending on some notation (standard types of diagrams) and also allow use objects from any (or some) other diagrams. in other words, some primitives should support extended function.

5 September 2013 16:39:11
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Dusan Rodina - 6 September 2013 0:23:40

Hi, thank you very much for your opinion and your detailed explanation what you mind and what you miss in Software Ideas Modeler. I appreciate it because it allows me to understand what is important for you (and probably also for some other users).

I hope you see also the progress, which was made from version to version in general (it was more than 600 improvements only for the last year) :)

I confess, auto-paths are not perfect, but it is not so simple with them. Of course, I will work on it and improve it. (This feature will need more time.)

I am very optimistic about the rest of your suggestion, such improvements are nothing impossible and they can be implemented quite soon.

SplinterX 6 September 2013 6:41:02

did you really understand all i wrote inspite of my bad english?

then ok i will be gladly wait for what i need and want.

by the way, when i posted my e-mail adress here i thought notification that you answered me would be sended automaticly on it (e-mail). Then why you ask for it?

Dusan Rodina - 6 September 2013 22:32:49

Yes, I understood. It is a lot of improvements, I hope you will be satisfied with the new release more than now.

Dusan Rodina - 7 September 2013 0:39:19

E-mail is an optional field. The automatic e-mail notifications are disabled. I use the entered e-mail address only in urgent situations to contact the user and e.g. inform him about the hot fix.

SplinterX 16 September 2013 19:17:04

Hi. really better. Some issue, but i can finally use SIM, not paper).

Allow me to register. I tired to type all my identification over and over again. Also anybody can use my name, I understand nobody need it, but still.


In reactangle, text align is default left on horisontal inspite of setting 'tell' center. And it work only when i chose some other option and then i chose centered again. Some new suggestion i will post in new topic. Other suggestions and improvements still valid.

Actually good job, i almost can thanking you. Almost...)))

SplinterX 17 September 2013 0:18:39

Also. Why you allow only class and entity to have "caption in the rectangle" style? Objects for exemple do not support this feature. Actually objets sometimes is even more needed in such view. I think all ractangular and maybe other things with sections should support this stuff.

SplinterX 17 September 2013 1:32:00

Also, i can connect all the elements by universal conector. But i can not connect rectangle to class by generalization or association conector.

Such restrictions is contrived. I suppose that it may help not to do mistakes for some 'weak' users, but you also can do it optional.

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