Lost diagram (#321)

used 5.61

updated to 6.51 (by means of delete and download new)

opened old project (except changed default styles and corrupted nice-eye layout)

in one model / in one diagram most elements were LOST

(I am expecting more, however this one was obvious, as only fraction remained)

upon inspecting simp xml file

all items are showing in 5.61

in 6.51 only items added into layout element are showing,

thus ones being fully described in abstract-item element only are lost

it is up to you whether is it 6.51 bug (not showing) o 5.61 (not adding to layer)

I can mail you example file if it helps you

just, how can I update to new version

a) some special step to make sure 5.61 saves everything correctly

b) some special step to make 6.51 show and assign layout to ALL items

c) use of another tool to convert the 5.61 file to 6.51 file with all its content

d) dumb easy to understand way to write parser which corrects it by myself if you do not consider this serious bug


11 October 2013 15:40:50
4 November 2013 1:14:31
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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 11 October 2013 16:04:52

If you can, please, send me the project file to softwareideas@softwareideas.net

I will analyze, what could cause this problem and I will let you know.

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