Editing class operations does not work. (#337)

Create a new class.

Select it and click 'Add Operation' from the onsceen shortcut menu.

The operation is initially displayed in reverse, with empty argument parenthesis at the front and visibility modifier at the end.

Edit the operation name, then attempt to add operation arguments.

Adding an operation argument results in the creation of a second set of argument parenthesis!

Attempt to add an operation return value. At this point the cursor goes into reverse where pressing the right arrow moves the cursor to the left, and vice versa.

Completely unusable. Reverting to earlier version.

16 January 2014 12:10:00
20 January 2014 11:17:14
Requested by
6.60.5100.42570 (64 bit)
Solved in

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 16 January 2014 13:29:44

I think that the problem is that you unwillingly click on 'right to left reading order' in context menu in editing text box (it 's a system feature of text box in Windows).

Neutrino 16 January 2014 18:19:46

It's possible. I'll reinstall the new version and double check.

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 19 January 2014 23:39:39

I hope it's ok. You can also try the new version 6.70.

Neutrino 20 January 2014 10:58:12

That's working fine now.

I can't explain that. I was skeptical that I'd activated 'right to left' reading order since I tested it on several classes in a couple of diagrams, but it's working now so that's the main thing.

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 20 January 2014 11:12:52

Maybe, there are some system shortcut keys for it, which may be used accidentally. I will investigate on this more.

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