new suggestion (#367)

I mentioned it a some time ago.

1) In mixed diagramm too many elements and should exist feature to collapse them all.

2) And set icon mode (and other stuff) for all for one times

3) large icon is too large, and small is too small, middle size as something between should exist.

4) ToolTip is required for icon mode of elements. Without it it's more difficult ti find needed element.

21 June 2014 13:33:26
7 July 2014 0:27:02
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Dusan Rodina - 21 June 2014 14:30:07

Thanks for your suggestions. I will implement these improvements during next few weeks.

SplinterX 21 June 2014 17:00:02

when i move class i want the line (rectangular) to move with it, and not like in this. yes when i select both class and line them move correctly even in rectangular style.

SplinterX 21 June 2014 17:13:21

idf1x have to be exactly like erwin. SIM's many to many don't aloow me to set power of realationship. for example i want to mark that movie must have at least one actors, and actors can be not in even one movie

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