Diagram Background Color (#409)

Can I change diagram background color?

Generally, light blue(default color) is more comfort than white.

But, sometimes I want to capture diagram and paste to other document (e.g. OneNote, Word)

In that case, white background looks more natural.

Of cource, I know I can export diagram as PNG. In OneNote, however, screen capturing and pasting is more convinient.

13 February 2015 15:56:56
13 February 2015 17:59:11
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Jake Park
Win 8.1
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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 13 February 2015 17:54:55


If you want to copy a whole diagram to another application, the simplest option is to use one of these menu actions:

  • Diagram / Copy / Copy as Image - copies the whole diagram to the clipboard in the same bitmap format as PrintScreen key does
  • Diagram / Copy / Copy as Metafile - copies the whole diagram to the clipboard in a vector format - it provides resizing without quality loss

Also it is possible to copy only selected elements using these menu actions:

  • Edit / Copy Special / Copy as Image
  • Edit / Copy Special / Copy as Metafile

If you still want to change the background color of diagram, it is possible too. The specific background of diagram is hidden by default, you can show it using the menu Diagram / Bounds / Show Paper

Then you can change the default background color of diagram (which is white) in Diagram Properties dialog (menu Diagram / Diagram Properties) in Style tab.

If you want to change the default color of the editor canvas (which is light blue by default), you can do it in Options dialog (menu Tools / Options) in Diagram Editor tab in Design group.

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