Items disapearing from Diagrams (#42)

After save a complex Use Case Diagram and close the program, when I started again, a lot of items from diagram disapeared, and some other were dupplicated, a complete mess. Now Im afraid to write production projects with the software. I lost a full work day cause this error.

31 March 2012 2:13:46
1 April 2012 13:50:12
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Fabricio Considera
Windows Server 2008R2
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Dusan Rodina - 31 March 2012 2:20:51

I'm very sorry for this very severe inconvenience. There is a lot of unit tests, which should prevent such situation. I have not yet noticed a similar case. If you want, you could send me the affected project on e-mail to allow me better analyze where is the problem. Maybe it isn't everything lost.

Dusan Rodina - 1 April 2012 14:14:39

Problem with disappeared and duplicated elements points to several different issues which have one thing in common – use of multiple elements with the same model in the single diagram, which you probably didn't want to use. You probably used the copy&paste for duplication of some elements in the diagram and then you confirmed the first option (which was default one) for paste. It caused creation of new element which had shared model with the original copied element. Then when you edited the new element, you edited the model of this element, so the change affected all elements bound to this model. I confess it may be a little user unfriendly and confusing behaviour. That’s why I decided to change the default option for paste to full copy without shared model and add better description for each option.

Unfortunately, there was also a bug when you using multiple elements with shared model in the single diagram. If you tried delete such element (with shared model), program didn't delete the selected element, but the element which was the first one with the same model in the internal collection.

All bugs and unclear points related to work with multiple elements with shared model in the single diagram were saved in version 5.11.

I'm really sorry for problems you encountered and I did the maximum to prevent such problems in future.

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