Search / filter textbox in project tree (#431)

One of my SIM projects has grown quite large, so that it is not easy any more to find the diagrams that I need.

It would be nice to have a filter text box above the project tree, which would filter the tree when I type into that text box (it would work like the "Search solution explorer" text box in VS. Maybe it even has the same keyboard shortcut to set focus to that textbox).

Another related feature would be to have a short cut like Control+T in ReSharper: it would open a dialog where I can enter a diagram name (or part of the name) and that displays a list of all diagrams that match that name, so that I could quickly select and open one of those diagrams.



24 April 2015 8:18:00
25 May 2016 9:00:03
Requested by
Mathias Raacke
Windows 7 x64
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Dusan Rodina - 24 April 2015 20:43:11

Thank you for your new suggestions.

Until it will be implemented, you can use a similar feature: Click on a free area in the project tree and start to type some text - a text box will appear and nodes of project tree will be filtered to match this text.

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