Strange behavior when creating dependencies in component diagram (#481)

I'm trying to add a dependency arrow between two components. I click "dependency" in the menu, then I click on component A, keep the mouse button pressed, move the cursor over component B, then release the cursor.

Expected behavior: a new dependency arrow from A to B.

Actual behavior: start and end of the arrow seem to be kind of "random" (I can't figure out the system behind it). Sometimes I get an arrow from A to A, sometimes the start of the arrow is another dependency error, sometimes it's even working as expected.

I think that the behavior might be dependent on if the part of the component where I press / release the mouse button has text / a label. It seems to be working if I only target areas of my components that don't have any text. However, the error also occurs when I target border areas of the components.

3 August 2016 8:32:11
8 May 2020 11:17:42
Requested by
Mathias Raacke
Windows 8.1
Solved in

Dusan Rodina - 3 August 2016 9:28:09


Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this problem. Do you encounter this behavior also in new project, or only in some specific project? Is there another element (maybe transparent) which could cover the component?

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