Provide "infinite canvas" view (#65)

It can be distracting to have the canvas border around my diagram all the time. Could you provide a render view in which that border is hidden? (Similar to "print layout" vs "normal layout" toggle in MS Word) You wouldn't have to change any functionality, I think, just use a background gradient without rendering the border and the diagram background color. This would give the illusion of having an "infinite canvas," which is nice sometimes.

29 May 2012 20:03:31
3 June 2012 14:08:58
Requested by
Lars Kemmann
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Lars Kemmann 29 May 2012 21:25:52

By the way, I just noticed that Jesper posted the same request in the General forum a while back.

"- The white background that is showning the actual usage space by the diagram is for me a bit irritating, I think this should be removed or possible to turn off in options."

I think he and I both want more than just the two background colors to be the same - we want the black border & shadow to be gone.

Dusan Rodina - 30 May 2012 16:16:24

It is possible to turn off this canvas border.

Just uncheck these options from menu:

Diagram/Bounds/Show Borders

Diagram/Bounds/Show Paper

It seems that this feature is not very popular :) I will consider the change of the default setting. Maybe I can create a poll on this site and so find out which setting is more popular.

skin27 30 May 2012 23:51:29

I have it also turned of by default (expand in all directions), but I find it useful with printing to easily see the borders.

Dusan Rodina - 3 June 2012 14:08:48

OK, I changed the default setting :)

But it will be applied only for new users or for "clear" installation.

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