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Hi there,

I like SIM and can't wait for that PHP reverse engineer to come. In the last days I used SIM to generate a functional specification.

This works very well with the comments to each diagram but there are some pages that should have only text and no diagram. I currently use Models ("Add model") as the chapter (e.g. "Target acquisition" or "Quality requirements") and also as sections (e.g. "Target state", "Actual state" etc.). But unfortunately the comments ("documentation") to the models are not generated in PDF. Would be nice to have them as introduction. The documentation of a whole (class) diagram is also not dispatched to the PDF, would be nice.

In addition to have some larger field to write, there should be "Add documentation" (or similar among "Add model"/"Add diagram") that has "Simple Page" and others. The simple page item that gives a big textfield with fomatting options and including graphics would be a very big step forward. With that SIM will become a great tool that does the modeling and writing a Product Requirement Document at one time.

Love to see that!

17 June 2012 3:10:08
25 May 2016 8:59:13
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RMP 17 June 2012 3:23:15


Such sub-menu "Add documentation" could have "Add chapter" which act like "Add model" but are seperated from the other logic.

Dusan Rodina - 18 June 2012 0:21:36

Hi, thank you for interesting suggestion.

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