Synchronise Model with Code (#76)

Hi there,

I hope that PHP reverse engineer comes soon but more than that I hope that you support the ability to synchronize model and source.

Whats the current state?

You can go straight forward or reverse.

Whats the problem?

The generated code overwrites the current algorithms and classes. Or newly modeled items will be lost with every reverse engineer.

Whats the solution?

Synchronize. Show what is already given and ask the user for the direction ("import into model", "overwrite the method / erase" or "do nothing").

Whats the pros?

With that you can enlarge and refactor your application just in SIM. Coded methods will appear in SIM and modeled ones will be generated in the source. It just becomes bidirectional.

17 June 2012 3:18:12
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Lars Kemmann 2 August 2012 12:44:33

Agreed, this is *the* killer feature for UML tools.

I hope that, if this feature is implemented, we'll even be able to continue to use custom code generation templates (since everyone/every project has a unique coding style).

Lars Kemmann 2 August 2012 12:45:44

(Oh, by the way, I'd like this for C#. :) But if it's easier to do for PHP first, that's okay. It'll be worth the wait.)

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