Different formatting within an action block (#78)

Hi DuĊĦan - would it be possible to have different colours within an action block? I have set up a model which has a group of linked actions in a circle. Next to each action block I have another block which contains details of items relating to the adjacent action block. Some of these items are more important than others, and I would like to have them in red, while the other items should be black. Is this possible?

18 June 2012 3:06:18
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Dr. Reg Broekmann
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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 19 June 2012 0:54:25


If you want change the color of a whole action text, you can do it this way - right click on Action element, click on Properties item, Properties dialog will be open, then switch to Style tab and select Custom style radio button, then you can choose another text color using Color drop down in Name group.

If you want to use different colors within a text of action name, it is not currently possible, but it can be added in one of next versions.

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