Passing messages in sequence diagram



I am using software ideas modeler V 7.61.

I cannot create messages in the diagram

What I did was

1) Dragged two life lines

2) Dragged execution controls for each life line

3) Then try to connect these two by a call message

4) I watched this youtube video ( But it does not work in my version

Why is that

6 August 2014 9:50:53 Mitchel Ryan

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Dusan Rodina - 6 August 2014 20:08:58


I can't reproduce this problem - it should work also in the latest version (7.61).

I just want to point out that connecting with Call Message should be done this way:

1. Click on 'Call Message' in the toolbox

2. Move the mouse cursor over the start execution occurrence rectangle

3. Press and hold the left mouse button

4. Move the mouse cursor over the end execution occurrence rectangle

5. Release the left mouse button

6. Call Message between execution occurrences should be created