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I am considering purchasing modeler. In my evaluation, there were two things that I could not answer in the online help.

1) Is there a way, other than using realization and an interface, to show inherited methods on subclasses in a class diagram?

2) Is there a way to reorder parameters to operations? Drag and drop did not work, and I could not find arrows.



24 February 2015 14:40:29 Terry

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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 24 February 2015 16:53:52


Thank you for your interest in Software Ideas Modeler and your feedback.

1) There is no automatic way to display inherited methods in subclasses. However, if you click on realization or generalization, you can implement methods from interface or override methods from super class.

Would you like to be added some option which allows you to display inherited operations in subclasses? Or would you require something else?

2) You are right, reorder buttons are missing in the dialog, I will add it in the next release. Meanwhile you can reorder the parameters directly in the diagram using cut&paste when editing a method declaration.

Terry 25 February 2015 14:28:50


Thanks for getting back to me.

1) I found the "implement interface" on realization and it worked after you told me about it. But, when looking at generalization, I could not pull inherited members in from either an interface or class (interface -> superInterface and class-> superClass). I'm not sure if I am asking for a feature, to be honest. I've been using sparx for the past 6 years and am trying to figure out how things will change in my workflow.

Having said that: it would be nice to pull in all or selected inherited members (possibly through Show Parts) so that as these guys travel from diagram to diagram they clearly show context and what's in scope. In all events it should not be automatic, but selected per relationship.

2) Cut and paste works for me!

Thanks again for the response,