Pringing ERD Diagram...


In Diagram\Page Setup I've defined the following:

- Multiple Pages

- Show Borders

- Show Paper

- Diagram Size A4 (tried none as well... )

- Orientation Landscape

- None of the 'Expand..' Options

On the diagram it shows the page breaks 'OK', where I placed all those entities, comments, etc so that they do not fall on a page break. According to these breaks, the document should be 5 pages wide and 2 pages high.

BUT: When going to File\Print I can't get the pages to correspond with the page breaks on the diagram.

SIM insists on 2, sometimes 3 pages wide and 1 page high, which makes everything way too small and placing entities etc. right over the breaks, which divides them and make things look ugly...

Setting more than one page horizontally and vertically, doesn't change much. It just shows more empty pages on the preview pane.

In Print\Settings\Paper Format I have set A4 with it's standard size.

Nothing helps.

So: What do I do wrong? How can I make the page breaks correspond to those on the diagram ?

And one more thing: Each time I open File\Print, all diagrams, etc. are selected even though their corresponding checkbox is empty...

SIM 12.90.7745.23257 'Professional' Win 10 Pro 64 Bit

Thanks for your help as always!

Charles from Switzerland

29 March 2021 20:00:38 Charles U Schneiter

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Dusan Rodina - 30 March 2021 22:00:02

I admit it may be a little bit confusing. Currently, the number of pages may be set only manually and it is independent of displayed pages in the editor. However, it is a good idea for future releases to add an auto mode that will set pages by diagram settings.

The included diagrams will be updated if you check and uncheck a diagram in the project tree. This issue will be fixed.

Charles 31 March 2021 11:27:14

RE: Printing an ERD

Hi Dusan

Yes, its very confusing. Currently I see no way how I can control a printout of an ERD in order not to split entities, etc in half because they 'cross page boundaries' (most of the printers can't print border-less anyway). Thanks for taking this on asap!