BPMN interrupting boudary event & expanded subprocess.



I like to model an expanded sub-process with interrupting and some non-interrupting boundary events.

question 1 ; How can I visualize an expanded Sub-process in a process chain? I do not want a new diagram showing the internals of this sub-process since the sub process border will not be displayed.

question 2; Dragging a boundary event to an activity border displays a non-interrupting symbol boundary event symbol. Setting the interrupting property checkbox (with F5, properties) of this non-interrupting boundary event, so making the event interruptable, does not change the symbol's non-interrupting display.

19 June 2021 12:26:12 Cai-Advies BV

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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 22 June 2021 10:28:13


1. Currently, it is not supported but it will be implemented in the next version which should be released soon.

2. You can use the Properties sidebar for setting it. There is a bug that prevents to set this particular property using the Properties dialog. It will also be fixed in the next version.